What does it mean to be Interwoven?

God calls his family to be one unit—to be woven so closely together that we act as one body: moving, speaking, and doing. Everyone has special gifts and abilities to contribute to the Body of Christ. At New Life Christian Fellowship, we not only want to encourage this in our church body, but we also want to provide everyone with the necessary tools and resources to make that a reality. To be Interwoven means that we truly come together as one body to participate in Missions, Worship, Discipleship, and to build relationships in Community.

How do you fit in an Interwoven church?

The best part about truly being the Body of Christ is that we all have a place, and at NLCF we believe that you are meant to play a part. You may not know what part that is yet, but based on your skills and interests, we can lend a hand and help get you involved. Being an Interwoven church means that everyone is important and everyone is an integral part of the body.