Ministries We Support

At New Life we wish we could provide all the support that every organization, family, and service project needs. However, we simply cannot. Instead, we consciously choose organizations, families, and projects that we are truly passionate about and, because of that, we can support them so much better.

Horizon International

Horizon International exists to support victims of the AIDS pandemic by providing orphans with the various supports that they need. Horizon also serves to promote, grow, and raise a new generation who will become leaders who choose to follow Christ everyday in their walk in this world.

Church of God Global Missions

Through the Church of God Global Missions we are able to support three missionary families and their ministries abroad. These families, like many others, have sacrificed many things in this world to travel and live in communities that are in need of God’s words and wisdom.

World Partners Ministry

We support John & Julie Gerig through World Partners Ministry as they minister as missionaries in Russia.

Butler Soup Kitchen

The Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen serves those in need of food in the Greenfield area. This ministry is devoted to serving clients who are in need of nutrition regardless of race, religion, gender, orientation, medical diagnosis, or criminal history.

Mahoning Camp

The Mahoning Valley Christian Service Camp provides summer camps to students in first grade all the way through high school. The goal of the camp is to show young Christians what a life devoted to Christ’s service looks like. With hopes of increasing the number of missionaries, ministers, and other servants, the camp operates solely to help those willing to learn how to grow a servant’s heart.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Serving Christ at Indiana University, Joselyn Sands empowers and resources staff members as they reach IU students for Christ through the ministry of Campus Crusade (Cru).

The Church of God

Because of our association with the Church of God (Anderson, IN), we support the work of the state offices of Indiana Ministries as well as the national/international work of Church of God Ministries.

Pine Ridge Reservation

We have had the privilege of helping support the ministry of the Lakota Memorial Church of the Nazarene in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. This church, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation, is working to give hope and minister to the needs of people in one of the most impoverished areas of the country.