You’ve been struggling with your faith. Or maybe your marriage is in need of some spiritual guidance. Perhaps you are looking for an ear to listen and a mouth to give advice. Whatever your reasoning, biblical counseling at New Life is designed to provide you with practical biblical support to help you with whatever your issues may be.

Our Counselors 

Our counselors have all gone through 50 hours of supervised training and completed five levels of training. Supported through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, counselors must have a firm and growing grasp of biblical truth. It isn’t enough to simply listen and give advice, but rather our counselors listen, talk, pray, and show you biblical practices through Bible verses and stories that can truly transform your life. Aside from having that grasp of biblical truth, our counselors must also maintain a lifestyle that exemplifies the life Jesus calls us all to live.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

The point of a biblical counselor is to help you become a disciple of Christ and gain insight into biblical truths and practices about how to deal with your current issues and troubles. Through your counselor you will build an honest and open relationship and in time will learn how best to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. Using a pure and biblical approach we can better help you. We are committed to helping experience transformation not through medications or legal commitments, but through faith.

Serving the Community

Our biblical counseling services are available not only to those that attend New Life. Just because you attend services somewhere else does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to benefit from biblical counseling. We truly mean it when we say, “Our free services are open to the community around us.” It isn’t just about our church; it is about the world around us and trying to show God’s light and love to everyone.

With no issue too small or too large, we are here to help you and show how better to walk in Jesus’ footprints. We desire to encourage you to seek biblical truth and strengthen your faith in God. If you are interested in more information or to get started with biblical counseling, please contact Pastor Mark:

Biblical Counseling Files

Below you will find downloadable pdfs of our intake paperwork, as well as a packet on progressive sanctification that will help you understand one of the key principles to the understanding of biblical counseling at New Life.

pdficon_large Intake Packet

pdficon_large Progressive Sanctification Packet