Delaney Jones baptismChildren’s ministries should be centered on partnering with parents to help children know, love, and obey Jesus more and more every day. At New Life, we believe the primary spiritual shapers of children are their parents, which is why our curriculum is designed to transition children to a place where they are able to not only see adults and teens worship, but experience worship with adults and teens. Because we do our best to make this transition as smoothly and easily as possible, we provide classes for infants through 5th grade the entire hour during the first service. During our second service, infants through pre-kindergarten can attend a full hour of class, while children in kindergarten through 3rd grade attend worship with their parents and exit the sanctuary before the sermon for their own lesson. Children in 4th and 5th grades stay with their parents in the sanctuary during the full hour in order to experience worship and learning as a family and build relationships with the rest of the congregation.

During Class Time

The Sunday School and Children’s Church curriculums are designed to be interactive and educational, which means children participate in science experiments, skits, Bible reading, crafts and much more! Most weeks we are using The Gospel Project through the Bible curriculum to go along with what the rest of the congregation is studying in the sanctuary. At other times we write and compile our own curriculum.

During the Week

We strongly believe that parents are the primary spiritual shapers in a child’s life. Our goal is to partner with families to help their children to know, love, and obey Jesus more and more every day. We provide a weekly sheet at the end of each children’s service describing to parents what we have learned and including a discussion guide and activity to further the learning at home as a family.

Ministry to Parents

Being your child’s primary faith shaper can be daunting, so we work hard to give monthly tools you can pull from as you parent your child. Each month, a parent empowerment gift (prayer guide, devotional resource, etc) is available in the narthex on the parent empowerment table. In addition to the monthly resource, we have an annual resource based on your child’s age or grade level that includes a Kickstarter, Development Guide, and Parent Guide on what to expect in your child’s spiritual and emotional development this year. It includes Bible studies to do at each age and a unique Family Experience to help commemorate your 3 year old getting a big kid bed, your 1st grader learning responsibility, your 4th grader making good friend choices, etc. The link is here for you to enjoy using with each of your children:

Family Ministry Nights

Our Sunday night experiences are designed to give children additional time to learn and grow in the love of Jesus and also to help INTERWEAVE them into the Body of Christ. Each week a pitch-in dinner is from 5:00-5:45pm for all ages in the sanctuary. Following dinner, children participate in a music theory & worship class, a service project, a movie night, or mini-youth group, depending on the week.

Junior Bible Quizzing

Junior Bible Quizzing is available midweek during the day for home-school children in kindergarten through 5th grade. During this time, children memorize biblical facts and learn application of those facts. We provide students with buzzers and encourage them to all have fun during the quiz time!