Help, Lord, We Broke It

100_5995 I know the Word says that when You made this world and stepped back and looked upon it, it was “very good.” I don’t doubt that at all. It is amazing. I watched as the sun set last night; as it slowly descended into the western sea. Oh my, how splendid! And at daybreak this morning the waters are a crystal-clear aqua color with streaks of dark blue. And near the horizon, where the water meets the sky, there is a gentle orange glow. Yes Lord, I see your glory.
But today, God, I have a question. “Why did you make man?” It was all so “very good,” and then you made us. Because you are all-knowing, I know you knew how badly broken we would become and how far we would fall. Forgive me Lord for questioning Your perfect plan, but sometimes I can’t help but think that when you made people, you made a mistake. Ouch, it hurts to say that.
We have broken it, Lord; this perfect paradise. And what’s worse is that we have no idea how to fix it. It is as if we have run with breakneck speed and jumped into the abyss of selfish greed with no concern of the consequence of eternity.
The results of our selfish pursuits are evident all around us; lives broken and shattered. One man killed seven yesterday. Domestic abuse is on the rise and public worship is declining. Our prisons are full and our hearts are empty of the abundant life you promise. Yes Lord, we have broken it and we need Your help for we cannot fix it. Humpty Dumpty has had a great fall, and all the kings horses and all the kings men; all the politicians and pastors and public service workers can’t seem to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Today, I thank you for this resting place. Seated high upon this balcony I am able to see more clearly. I thank you for perspective. From here I see Your glory. Humanity grovels in the sand far below, while a single dolphin frolics in the freedom of the deep.
The beach below is full of activity; it’s chaotic and loud. The depths of the sea seem infinite from here. The deep calls, but does anyone on the beach hear? The frivolity of man can be seen and heard as people chase after their toys. And all the while the adventure of a lifetime lies just beyond the shallow waters. Occasionally someone stops and gazes out towards the deep. Perhaps they hear the still small voice of God calling them into the adventure of abundant life; to the freedom and frolic of true faith.
As I gaze upon the deep I begin to see differently. Yes, in our humanity we have made a chaotic mess of things. And the beach will forever host the party of calamity. Just off the shore lies the adventure of a lifetime; a place where few will venture to go. This is the place of spiritual depth and eternal delight; the place of perfect rest and perpetual peace. This is the place of the soul.
This world is filled with brokenness. But thanks to You, O God, we were made for another place. Help me to cast off from the beach of calamity and venture into the depth of abundance!
In Jesus’ name,